TOTAL MIXING EQUIPMENT 分散機・混練機・混合機・攪拌機・捏和機 100年の歴史 TOTAL MIXING EQUIPMENT 分散機・混練機・混合機・攪拌機・捏和機 100年の歴史

Reason for choosing from INOUE MFG.,INC.

More than 100 years
of experience for various kind of industry


Inoue’s machine are used in various kind of industry.

Since 1916, INOUE MFG., INC. have been developing and selling Dispersion, Mixing, Agitation and Kneading Machines. INOUE MFG., INC. have been engaging on solid/liquid mixing of powder (Granules) and liquids in various industries such as Paints, various types of Inks, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Batteries and Electronic component materials.
INOUE MFG., INC. have introduced machines not only in Japan but also overseas industries.
Based on the over 100 years of accumulated experience, INOUE MFG., INC. will always respond with creativity so that INOUE MFG., INC. can continue to provide machines that customer can trust.


propose and response as tailored to your needs


INOUE MFG., INC. solve the problems with our know-how accumulated over many years.

Leveraging our experience with many industries and companies, our motto is to help customers with solutions.
Also, INOUE MFG., INC. have rich knowledge in the chemical field.
Based on our years of experience and accumulated know how, INOUE MFG., INC. can propose optimum machine selection / dispersion method / manufacturing condition setting (temperature, rotation speed, etc.), according to customer's material・product・viscosity.

after service

手厚い アフターサービス

Periodical maintenance can be performed after delivery.

In addition to regular visits, machine inspections and repairs, INOUE MFG., INC. can respond within 24 hours when a mechanical problem occurs (within Japan). Also, INOUE MFG., INC. will respond within 48 hours in cooperation with overseas subsidiaries when mechanical troubles occur in overseas.

手厚い アフターサービス


INOUE MFG., INC. was founded in Azabu, Tokyo in 1916 as the first manufacturer of three stone roll mills.
Since then, the company has been striving in the study of areas and working on solid/liquid mixing processing of solids (Powder particles) and liquids in various industries, such as Paints, various types of Ink, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Battery, Electric devices.
Today, as a leading manufacturer of total mixing processers, INOUE MFG., INC., is decided to the future development of mixing technology, including “Mixing”, ”Agitating”, ”Dispersing”, and ”Kneading” with an everlasting pioneer spirit.